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Polson 25th Anniversary: Polson – An Evening of Celebration
We had a dinner at St Anne’s on Rathdowne with 25 friends to celebrate our 25th Anniversary.

I must say, it was most heart-warming to look through old photos and a few memorabilia and be reminded of the wonderful people that have enriched my life over the past 25 years.  It is most satisfying to see how far our small venture has reached over time.  It was also terrific to celebrate the success of former team members, clients and consultants that we had drawn together.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

P.S. The music provided by The Scrimshaw Four complemented the Bohemian atmosphere of the evening.  Go to The Scrimshaw Four  for a sample of their uplifting music.

Study Tours from Asia – Next Phase for Polson & Co
We have decided to combine our talents in L&D and networking with the joy I derive from showing people around our great country.
We are thrilled to announce that last week we went to China and have secured our first contract.  Working with partners, we will be bringing 190 middle to senior managers from business and government to Melbourne for 2 week study tours.  They will come in groups of 20.
We will of course still be providing our existing core services: HR/D Recruitment, Consultants and Instructional Designers.

Interested persons should send their CV to

Instructional Designer                                                                 Melbourne

Our client seeks an instructional designer working in a science area designing the user interface for the Blackboard system for a Work Integrated Learning Project in Melbourne with:

  • Blackboard Skills, Graphics skills and ideally with some Agile and Trello Project Management skills
  • Latest version of Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro V6 – good to have but not essential
  • Captivate or Illustrator / Photoshop – Do need to have either
  • 6 weeks, 3 to 4 days a week

If you do not have all of these skills, let us know what you have got and what you do not have, because we do believe people with good ID and software skills are capable of learning new software quickly.

Data Entry Administrator                                                            Bundoora
Our client requires a data entry person sought for a 3-4 week assignment.
They need to convert current material into a new format.
The course is on Chinese medicine, so some nursing or medical background would be useful, but not necessary.  Elementary Desktop Publishing skills required.  Start date in October.  This assignment would suit a student.

Mandarin Speaking Trainer Sought                                                                    Melbourne
We have 2 Mandarin speaking facilitators for our first study tour, but would like at least one more.

Mandarin Speaking Administrator Sought                                                          Melbourne
We would like someone who can assist us in a range of administrative functions.  The role could suit someone seeking part-time work, especially on weekends when we will need someone to assist us a translator on our weekend tours.  It would be handy, but not essential, if they could translate English documents into Modern Chinese script.
(Where is Jialing Eio when we need her so badly…..?)

Developmental Opportunities
TMS Breakfast Roadshow                                 October 14th                              Melbourne

These TMS events have good speakers and are enjoyable networking events.
For more information and registration – TMS October Registration

Allan Parker’s The Negotiator’s Toolkit            28 & 29 October 2014      North Sydney
Negotiating is the single most frequently used skill in the business world at every level and is probably Business Success Factor No 1.  Click here for more information & Registration

Freeman – A most special dog graduates
I am delighted to say that the dog I trained last year has been allocated to a visually impaired student to be her guide and companion.  The last time I felt this proud was when my daughter graduated as a Masters in Law!
See our pal Freeman

Vision Australia is looking for volunteers to train their puppies for a year before they go for intensive training at school.  As you are probably in the training field, this should be a breeze for you.  The skills you will learn are most transferrable on children and grandchildren…….
For more information, or to make a donation go to Vision Australia

Link of the Month – BBC, “What a Wonderful World”
What a Wonderful World

Quote of the Month
“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them – Albert Einstein


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