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Greying Employees – Valued but not Sought

Good Day, welcome to our January update.

We hope you have had a refreshing break and that you are ready for a successful 2016.

Specific items in this update include:

  • Greying employees – valued, but not sought
  • Leadership facilitator – $115K
  • Consultants sought for Asia oriented assignments
  • Networking tips



Greying Employees – Valued but not Sought
There is a tendency to define diversity as including people somewhat like oneself.

Inclusivity is broader than focusing on discrimination against women or minority races.

A recent article in Time Dec 28, notes that 70% of HR people consider grey haired employees as having a stronger work ethic.  Yet only 4% of them have a strategy for retaining or recruiting people over 50 years of age.  HR recruiters need to educate internal clients that planned diversity is good for business because more perspectives are considered.  Organisations with customer contact may also want a diversity so that different customers can work with people they feel most comfortable with – while possibly gently educating everyone to focus on people’s skills in contrast to their physical attributes.

Leadership Facilitator, Circa $115K, Permanent Role                                Melbourne

API is a progressive company with pharmaceutical and retail offerings.  They seek a facilitator to implement their well-developed leadership framework.  Highly developed leadership development skills are essential.  The role would be attractive for successful consultants who want the stimulation of working with a strong L&D team and to once again see the outcome of their work.  Leadership coaching is a facet of the role.

So, if you have the confidence, courage and to engage, inspire and enable others in shared purpose for a stronger community, please send an application to:

A full PD will be available for those who meet the criteria for the provisional short list.

Assignments for Consultants with International Experience

Interested persons should please contact:

MC/Facilitator with Expertise in China                                                                          Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Adelaide
Planning 10 seminars to prepare Australians to do business in China. Seek MC/facilitator with recent and deep experience working in China.  Familiarity with e-Commence highly desirable. Person needs to be based in Australia and should send CV to

Banking Process Facilitator                                                                                           Taiwan
We still seek a facilitator resident in Taiwan for this global roll out.

Cross-Cultural Awareness Consultant with Japanese Expertise                               Melbourne
We are still accepting expressions of interest from consultants who have extensive recent experience from living and working in Japan.  They will be facilitating workshops which prepare Australians for working in Japan.


Marinos Strathopoulos Lands the National L&D Manager Role at API
Competing with a highly talented range of other applicants, we are delighted to see Marinos exceeded the recruitment criteria and has started a new career stage at API – a progressive employer.  He has a diverse range of HR and L&D skills as well as a successful sales record in the pharmaceutical field.

Previous “Polson Consultant of the Year” Award Winners       

Marcia Ryan joins an illustrious talented group of “Consultant of the Year” award winners:

  Neil Goudge   Allan Parker
  Greg Collier   Ted Hummerston
  Gail Carlson   Peter Clark
  Marvin Oka   Jane Foley
  Paul Steinfort   Paula Flynn
  Fiona Moore   Nita Cherry
  Glenn Capelli   Jim Fizdale
  Colin James   Ian Shrives

We can provide clients with no additional cost options like these, as well as new talent we are constantly becoming aware of.  Contact us for “no obligation, no add on fee” options for any of your consulting needs in 2016, (around 60% of our work is proving consultants to other consulting groups, so if you need to supplement your delivery team please give us a call).

Building Your Personal Brand

David Bowie was a good example of how one can create a persona of choice.  We still seek a facilitator resident in Taiwan for this global roll out.  Chris Caborit shares 7 tip for building personal brand:

Identify which connections you want and connect with them.
Identify the channels you need that will connect you with the people you want to connect with.
Work out how will communicate with these people.
What differentiates you will hit home with the decision-makers you’re trying to influence.
Core message
You need to become known as a leader or expert of something.
Care for the people you are connected to.
Spend 15-30 minutes every day building your brand through emails, social media, etc.

What have you done for your brand, ME Inc. today?

Book Recommendation
“Everything I need to know I learned from a Little Golden Book” Diane Muldrow.
Humorous, yet practical advice on getting the most out of life.

Quote of the Month
“You can have anything you want out of life if you help just enough other people to get what they want out of life”.
Zig Ziglar



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