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Ignorance in Action

Ignorance in Action
There is a risk of over-relying on the democratic process.  Depending on a majority decision when the majority is ill-informed, and/or do not have a vested interest in a good decision, is a recipe for poor decisions.  Sensible parents’ guide their young children in areas such as brushing their teeth and eat healthily.  They leave those decisions for them to make until they are older.

For participative decision making (which engenders buy-in) to work, people need the necessary information to make an informed decision.  Leaders need to identify where the decision makers need to be on a spectrum of decision making for a particular issue and group.

e.g.  When the group is informed and have a vested interest in a good outcome, a participative process works best.  However, if the group does not have the background knowledge and has a strong vested interest in an outcome that benefits only themselves, one may consult and confer, but it is best for the leader to rely in informed advisors to make the final decision.

As HR professionals, we need to assist our organisations with effective communication strategies so employees understand what is required.  As HRD professionals we need to foster maturity, creativity and structured decision making processes.

Skilled Leadership Facilitator                Circa $115K                  Permanent Role                   Melbourne
Are you a skilled and passionate facilitator?  Do you want a full-time internal role to apply you craft, while being stimulated by a team of HRD professionals?  We are still accepting applicants for a full-time role in a progressive company to supplement our current shortlist.  (In case some people were on leave when we announced the opportunity last month.)

The successful candidate will facilitate leadership interventions and have an ongoing coaching role to ensure leaning makes a difference to ongoing performance.

This is not one in which the person will engage external facilitators to do the actual facilitation.  In fact, the role is likely to appeal to consultants who thrive on facilitation and who want to get back into a role where they work in a team and where they see the long-term outcome of their work.  It will also appeal to internal professionals who derive satisfaction from facilitating leadership interventions.  For more information:Leadership Development Facilitator

We are well through the recruitment process, so it would be best if applications reached us within the next few days.  Please send CV’s to

Facilitator for Market Entry to Asia Workshop                                         Melbourne
We seek a facilitator experienced in successful marketing to “North Asia” (China, Korea), as distinct from South East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia). The person will be facilitating a program that has already been designed.  The program will give participants the knowledge and frameworks that will enable them to develop a comprehensive market entry strategy to enter, and remain successful in Asia.  The facilitator needs to have both well-developed facilitation skills as well as content knowledge so they can draw on their experience when assisting learners in designing their marketing plans.

For logistical reasons, we would like the person to be based in Melbourne, or at a pinch Sydney.

This role is different to the cultural diversity and China MC assignments we mentioned in previous newsletters.  So if you are experienced in marketing to Asia and a good facilitator, please send in an expression of interest, preferably with a CV so we can get an understanding of your experience progression.

Where are some of the Polson Team Members now?
One of the most satisfying accomplishments I cherish from leading our consultant brokering service for 26 years, is the success that our team members have enjoyed after their contribution to Polson & Co.  We have had a practice of balancing experience with hiring young people who had high potential not identified by (allow me some latitude) less trusting/insightful HR/D recruiters.  We have not kept in touch with all of them, but over recent months the people below shared their successful career moves with us:

 Rebecca Jones  Manager – People & Organisation at PwC Australia
 Rebecca Atkinson (Howe)  Cultural Programme Manager at John Holland
 Kareen (Jialing) Eio   Business Services Manager at GP Strategies
 Rob Seddon  Design Thinking Practitioner at IAG
 Matt Bonwick   Sourcing Specialist – Marketing at Carlton & United Breweries

And of course our two longest serving employees, Bronwyn Polson, applying her legal qualifications at Dept. of Consumer Affairs; and Matt Polson, applying his software engineering skills at Digital Castle.  (Matt started with us at the tender age of 7, which almost landed me in trouble with the Fair Work Ombudsman.  They were fortunately understanding that that ethnic families tend to work together to make small businesses successful…..)

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Quote of the Month
“Nothing is more frightening than ignorance in action.”
Von Goethe
(Not that I was thinking of any overseas political developments……)

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