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Learn, Unlearn & Relearn – November 2016

Learn, Unlearn and Relearn

When one reviews over 30 years of lecture notes, session plans, books and documents with the view of deciding what to keep and what to shed, a flood of memories and emotions come back.  So our recent move has been most interesting, stressful and celebratory.  One of the insights I gained from relocating last week is that there is a lot to learn, unlearn and relearn in life.

Relearn:  In skimming notes such as the 5 page condensation from my Social Work degree reminded me what useful insights, principles and practices I had learned and which I unconsciously apply.  But it also spurred me on to apply more of what I had forgotten.  Notes from key learning breakthroughs from courses such as the Kepner Tregoe Rational Manager and Colin James’ Influencing courses are again noted, and survived the major cull.

Unlearn:  We used the opportunity to review all our systems.  So there is a lot which we need to stop doing.  Some habits have outlived their utility and some are downright dysfunctional.  Notice how many times new recruits identify outmoded practices – it takes some confidence and self-awareness to do this autonomously.

Learn:  Learning really is a life-long process.  It was interesting seeing some of the people helping with the move and new systems locked in to a certain way of doing things and being quite closed to listening to others who had different, and better, ideas.  (Moi may be one of those………)

We all need to continue learning, unlearning and relearning.  The HR profession is charged with developing this learning culture.


Director Vacancy, OD Consulting                                        Melbourne

Remuneration package commensurate with this senior role          

Our “Big 4” client seeks a director to lead its people and organisation change service in Melbourne.  The focus is on challenges faced by clients in the Financial Services sector.

Reporting to the Partner and working closely with a group of specialist Consultants, the Director will focus on Organisation Development, HR Strategy, Organisational Design, Change Management, Capability Development, Leadership and Culture Change. 

The successful candidate will have both a strong senior network to develop new business, as well as the technical and people skills to deliver high end OD services.  They also need a track record of success in the financial services sector.  They must have all 3 to have credibility with senior leaders.

It is likely that the successful candidate has had both a senior internal role as well as external consulting experience.  This is a good opportunity for Consultants to get back into a permanent role.  Internal Consultants could be attracted by the fact that they will be going from one interesting change project to another, in contrast to working on one major project and then being redundant or underutilised at the end of it.

To save time in a desire for an early placement, we ask that expressions of interest with a standard CV are sent to:

Applicants in the ball-park will be sent a position description and invited to send a tailored CV.  We will not send any CV’s to the client without the permission of the applicant.  We will recommend a shortlist to the client after first interviews.

New Office: Polson Nexus

We have moved our office to:                 6a Glen Road, Ashburton, (Melbourne) 3147.

Please note our new phone number:       +61 3 9885 7212.

Email addresses remain the same:  and


Extended DISC® – A Useful Psychometric Tool

I have always found psychometric tools useful in helping both myself and clients get insight into their thinking and behaviour.  It is also useful for facilitators to work with structured data.  I recently undertook the Extended DISC®diagnostic and found it gave me some useful personal insights.  What I valued as well was how easy it was to use online.  There are some extended applications such as the FinxS® Online Platform which identifies 160 behavioural styles. It can be customised to your unique needs and preferences in both branding and content.  You can have the assessments you want for individual, team, department and organisational applications.

For more information see our website or go directly contact Alison or the team at HR Profiling Solutions on 1800 764 432 or check out their website on

Inner Work Coaching Workshop,            Marvin Oka             12th & 13th Nov., Melbourne

This workshop will show you how to integrate simple and integrated techniques into your coaching that will make profound changes for both you and your clients.

For more information:

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“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and to give your life and soul to it”.


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