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Curating L&D Content – February 2017

Free L&D Content – Some Suggestions for HRD Professionals
I have recently discovered a great website for L&D content, much of it free.  They even have a pre-test option so you can get an insight into your current skill level. 

The shift from getting content information from the “sage on the stage” to a range of on-line options does have serious ramifications for the HRD field.

Here are some of the upsides:

  • It is awfully convenient.  One can quickly get the information one needs.
  • The information is often pragmatic.  The summaries can be most concise.
  • It is normally free, or at least inexpensive to subscribe.
  • Trainers can make reading of the content, and completing the diagnostic processes, a pre-requisite for face-to-face training programs.

Here are some downsides:

  • Many people don’t take advantage of on-line learning.
  • It is often not as engaging as face-to-face learning.
  • The completion rates as pre-workshop preparation are low.
  • SME’s, such as lecturers at tertiary institutions, are reluctant to share their IP on-line because they like the lecture style developed some 3,000 years ago and because they risk redundancy if their courses are on-line.
  • Quality is variable.  In the worst cases, it can be malicious or the product of nut-cases putting unsubstantiated or incorrect information on-line.

HRD professionals need to work out how to integrate a range of learning modes for learners.  We could even offer a learning curator service to guide learners to useful and reliable content, especially in this age of bias, anti-science, malice and fake news.  And of course, we need be engaging in our face-to-face facilitation in order to make it worth people’s while to be investing their time with us.  Above all, we need to be a reliable source.

Congratulations to Simon O’Sullivan for being selected for the Leadership Development role with Ambulance Victoria.  Simon has a good balance between internal HRD roles as well as a breadth one gains from working with a number of organisations as a consultant. This breadth will stand him in good stead in reviewing current leadership processes and developing a strategy for incorporating best practice for the future.

High Achievers are Moderate Risk Takers
But risk needs to be managed.  One of the most useful things I learned from the Kepner Tregoe Decision Making process was to incorporate the identification and mitigation of risk in my decision making.  Passionate people in particular need this discipline because they get so enthusiastic about the upside of a new idea or venture that they tend to ignore the risks involved.  I like the “Black Hat” approach from Edward De Bono which recommends that for group decision making, one appoints someone with the task of identifying risks in group decision making.

One of the contributions HR professionals can make is to foster risk management into the organisation’s culture.  On a personal level, it is prudent to have Life Insurance and Income Protection insurance.  A good guide to how much insurance one needs is to ask oneself how many months or years your family can go for without an income.

Risk Mitigation for Consultants – CGF Insurance Brokers
Consultants are well advised to have Professional and Public Indemnity insurance.  (Many clients have this as a mandatory requirement.)  Management insurance is less well known, but worth considering.  It covers events such as Taxation Audit costs, Fraud, Director’s and Employment Practices Liability.  Travel insurance can also be incorporated in these policies.

We recommend Tom Tully from CGF Insurance Brokers to Consultants because they have specialised in the L&D this field for over 20 years.  (03) 8872-8288

YouTube Clip of the Month
Here is a humorous example of a cavalier approach to the management of facts.

“Trump Vs The Truth”.  Watch Here

Quote of the Month
“Ignorance by itself is not too dangerous.  If you combine it with power, this is a toxic mix.”
Yuval Noah Harari

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