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Accentuate the Positive – April 2017

Sing the Blues (Away) – Join a Choir
Blue eyed people may not know this, but African-Americans sang the Blues to get out of, not into feeling blue.  Research shows that people feel uplifted when they sing in a choir.  So, consider joining one of the very many different types of community choirs.  Or consider sending your partner to one so you can have a peaceful evening to yourself once a week.  If you live in Melbourne, it would be particularly valued if you joined the Star Chorale.  We will shortly start practicing for a performance of Brahm’s Requiem.  (Seems an appropriate choice given the world’s political situation…….)

For more information contact me or go to:

7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Animation
It is useful to take time to reflect on what factors one is allowing to affect the way we live.  E.g. Are we spending too much time on consuming bad news or frivolous activity, in contrast to seeking positive experiences and connection with people that enrich us.  This animated summary of Steven Covey’s Seven Habits is a time efficient way reconnecting with practical guidelines for a more meaningful and enjoyable life. 

 Asialink Placement
Congratulations to Donna Webster for reaching the high standards set by Asialink for the Programs and Learning Manager role.  While a number of applicants also had well developed L&D skills, Donna’s lived experience working in Asia for 7 years is particularly useful for helping clients doing business in Asia.  We wish her continued success applying her customer focused skills at Asialink’s clients.

Professional Speakers Australia Award Winners

Lisa McInnes-Smith has won the Keynote Presenter for Excellence Award.   I have had the pleasure of being inspired by many of her moving events over the years.  She is a consummate professional. 

I find her newsletters very helpful.  E.g. The current one on “Seasons” taps into my long-held interest in life stages and the need to identify and address the tasks in each in order to progress successfully to the next.  (Ericson, I seem to recall).  Lisa’s clip, (See last item in this update), makes the point elegantly. 

Andrew Horaban has won the Educator Award for Excellence.     Andrew is a highly creative and effective learning professional.  I was most impressed by his innovative input to a PSA Congress design some years ago.  If you want to help educate your teenagers in respectful relationships, consider getting his humorous, yet musical CD, “What a Man’s Gotta Do.”  (What’s a CD my grandson asked?) 

Winston Marsh: Marketing Guru, Spreading Enthusiam
I value Winston Marsh’s newsletters because they are jam-packed with good advice.  They often include humorous and uplifting YouTube links.  Below is a recommendation to a book on kindness from Barbara Glanz, “180 Ways of Spreading Contagious Enthusiasm”. 

YouTube Clip of the Month
Lisa Mckinnis-Smith on identifying and managing the season you are in. 

Quote of the Month
“Your attitude, not your aptitude, determines your altitude”.  Zig Ziglar 

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