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Volunteering: Give and Receive – May 2017

Volunteering – Give without the Expectation of Receiving = Receiving

I am always surprised when people compliment me for training guide dogs.  It is an inherently satisfying volunteering activity, not a sacrifice – as is most volunteering.  The key to volunteering is to select something that one finds satisfying and useful, in contrast to giving cold charity.  One of the many other benefits of volunteering is that it broadens one’s perspective on life because one is meeting people one ordinarily is not likely to meet.

It is gratifying to see many corporates giving time off to employees to get into volunteering in contrast to simply giving a financial donation.  So HR colleagues, lead the push to get team members volunteering to make the world better and for them to enjoy life more.

Best Places to Work in SE Asia

Congratulations to DHL for being award the “Best Place to Work” (in SE Asia) awarded by the Best Places to Work Institute.    Second place was Salesforce and Hilton.

Completing the top 10 were:

  • Omnicom
  • Intercontinental Hotels Group
  • SAP
  • American Express
  • Estee Lauder
  • NetApp
  • Dell EMC

While employee engagement scores were used to make the judgement, it is noteworthy that the most influential specific differentiator was trust.  To read the full report

(Thanks to Bianca Healy for bringing this report to our attention.)

Placement: Director – People & Organisational Change Consulting (Financial Services)

We’re pleased to announce we have recently successfully placed a Financial Services Director in the People & Organisation Consulting team at a leading professional services firm.  We thank all the people who expressed interest in this role.

Instructional Design Assignment                                                    Sydney

We seek a creative instructional designer to work on an elegant learning program.  Delivery will be face-to-face, but on-line pre-work and innovative leaning tools and experiences will enhance the learning.  The program is already very good.  Our client wants to move it to the cutting edge of good design.  It will be delivered with consistency by accredited facilitators.  We already have some options, but are casting the net wide to include new talent we may not aware of.  The selection decision will be made this week.

Expressions of interest to:

Paradiso Expert Sought                                                                Sydney

Our client is switching to the Paradiso LMS.  They seek someone to train the internal team how to use the process.  The person will also have an ongoing coaching role until everyone is comfortable with the process and using its full capability.  Once again, we have someone who could do this, but they are swanning around Europe for the next 2 weeks instead of helping out their friendly training broker……

i.e. If you know of someone who can assist, we would like to know about them urgently.

Expressions of interest to:

Quote of the Month

“The intelligent way to be selfish is to work for the welfare of others”.  Dali Lama.

(Plagiarising JC: “Give and you will receive”)

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