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Communal Responsibility

Communal Responsibility

Last year while in Spain, I noted a simple sign at an hotel, “Caring for the environment is a communal responsibility.”

It riles me when people argue that Australia does not need to take action on reducing global warming because it will not make a significant difference.  Furthermore, we should not do it until everyone else does so first as we do not want to be at a financial disadvantage.  Arguing that our actions will not make a significant difference is like arguing that I can litter because my litter does not make much difference.  Or I can shoplift because the retail store will not miss a few items.  It is doubly repugnant because Australians are probably in to top 10 carbon polluters per head in the world.  The financial disadvantage argument was also used by people who opposed the abolition of slavery.  Yes, it is a sacrifice in the sort term, but it is good to be on the right side of history and establish processes that will stand the test of time.

The same principles apply within organisations.  We are all responsible for creating healthy and viable long culture.  It is not ok to steal even small things from one’s employer.  Nor justify cheating customers because “everybody does it.”  HR has the responsibility to establish ethical policies and to call out breaches.  To not call bad behaviour endorses it.

Speaking of Slavery 
The recent passing of the Modern Slavery Bill in Federal parliament means there are new reporting requirements for Australian organisations.  Different estimates reveal that in 2016 there were between 4,300 and 15,000 modern slaves in Australia, and 40.3 million (including men, women and children) worldwide.

For more information on this confronting article from AHRI click here or go to their website.

Helping People Develop Healthy Brains, Wicking Institute           Enrollments 2019
I promote the Wicking courses to the HR community because it is in our interest that employees have healthy brains.  Their free online “Preventing Dementia” is one of the world’s 50 most popular courses and is a good example for instructional designers of effective simple design.  Here are course dates for 2019:

Understanding Dementia

Preventing Dementia

Bachelor of Dementia Care

7-week duration

4-week duration


19th February & 9th July

14th May & 01 October

Semester 1: 25th February

Visit to enrol or for information.

Systems Instructional Design Assignment                                    Melbourne
Our client needs someone to develop technical system training that will allow a new starter to learn the essential processes it uses to track and record all customer details.

This will entail:

  • Create videos of system
  • Write scripts for step-by-step voice over
  • Screen capture
  • Annotate screens
  • Work with voice over person to capture and record
  • Edit and publish


  • Expert at Camtasia
  • Work on-site in Port Melbourne.  (Can work offsite at edit stage)
  • Experienced at developing Systems training /systems navigation
  • Work in business-to-business relationship, not as employee
  • Available to start Jan 21 (TBC)

Please send expressions of interest by COB January 15 if possible

AITD 2018 Training Awards
We applaud the excellence delivered by training professionals.

Best Onboarding/Induction Program
Cbus - Cbus Onboarding Program

Best Leadership Development Program
Telstra and LIW - Telstra Leader Program

Best Implementation of a Blended Learning Solution (Large Enterprise)
Interchange - It Starts with Me – Safety Culture Change program

Best Implementation of a Blended Learning Solution (Small Enterprise)
G2 Innovation and Skilling the Bay - Destination Entrepreneur

Best Women in Leadership Development Program
University of Wollongong - Leadership Program for Senior Academic Women

Best eLearning Program
Blackmores Institute and The Learning Factor - Blackmores Superkids

Best Use of Gamification/Simulation for Learning
Rialto Consulting, Qantas Airways Ltd and fabricated - 787-9 Dreamliner Conversion Training

Dr Alastair Rylatt Award for L&D Professional of the Year
Rodney Beach, Managing Director, Liberate eLearning

Quote of the Month

“Reducing global warming is a communal responsibility”
Sign in hotel room.



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