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Communal Responsibility

Communal Responsibility Last year while in Spain, I noted a simple sign at an hotel, “Caring for the environment is a communal responsibility.” It riles me when people argue that Australia does not need to take action on reducing global warming because it will not make a significant difference.  Furthermore, we should not do it […]

New Slavery Reporting Requirements for Business

New slavery reporting requirements for businesses

2018 Best Place to Work

  2018 Best Place to Work Is………..

Preventing Dementia

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Instructional Designers and SMEs: The 7 Lucky Charms for Productive Partnership

By: Tamara Tarasova, MEd, MA Let’s face the ultimate truth – without Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), the profession of Instructional Designer would not exist. Instructional Designers’ knowledge of how the human brain functions, latest instructional techniques and tools are very important, yet they are useless without the subject matter expertise. The effective partnership between these […]

Managing Instructional Designers: Tips and Traps

Managing Instructional Designers: Tips and Traps Introduction  There is a strong trend to self-directed learning, especially for younger people.  For example, we were recently trying to relocate to a park for our 4-year old grandson when this frustrated little voice from the back seat piped up, “Just Google it!” Educators have the responsibility to make […]

Tim Minchen – 9 Life Lessons


Give nothing to racism – New Zealand Human Rights Commission


3 Strategy Traps to Avoid when Managing Change – Sept 2017

3 Strategy Traps to Avoid when Managing Change I recently sacrificed the opportunity to enjoy a coffee at my favourite coffee shop because of a talk on change Alan Finkel, Australia’s Chief Scientist, was giving on the car radio. You can listen to the podcast here – ABC National Radio His essential point was that […]

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