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What we do

We source consultants/contractors and trainers across Australasia. Our role is that of a broker – our client explains their HR/HRD need or challenge; we connect them with the best talent to meet that need or solve the problem. We provide a seamless process for engaging consultants with confidence.

 Why use a Broker?

  • Choice – With around 1,000 consultants on our databases in Australia and Asia, we offer wide choice and do not have an allegiance to anyone in particular
  • Price – Clients get the consultant’s normal retail price. We do not “add our bit on the top”. Our fee comes out of the consultant’s fee
  • Asia Links – We are well experienced in Asia and have a number of associate consultant brokers there
  • Speed – We can normally get clients a consultant option within 24 hours
  • Values – We are ethical, client focused and enjoyable to work with
  • Ease – Our process is simple and easy to work with

Our Brokering Process

Underlying Principle: The model we use is a recruitment model.  The broker’s primary focus is finding the best fit for the client.  Unlike a consulting firm, we are not locked into a limited range of options.  We are not a hammer looking for a nail.

We do not fly the plane: While the billing for the service is done via Polson Nexus, the consultant works directly for the client under their own name and with their own intellectual property.  This is similar to how travel agents work, they find the solution and collect the fee, but they do not fly the planes.

The Procurement Process

  1. Client briefs Polson Nexus on what they need
  2. Polson Nexus searches data base of 1,000 consultants and gets 1 to 3 options
  3. If a special need, we call on brokers in Asia-Pacific or tap into our client data base for recommendations
  4. Client gives detailed brief to the provisionaly selected consultant
  5. If client satisfied with the option, a formal proposal is written by the consultant
  6. If accepted, the consultant commences work under the direction of the client
  7. Client pays Polson Nexus, who then pays the consultant

Skill Sets

Our consultants are experts in the following fields. We also conduct custom searches of our broker network for expertise outside these areas.

  • AQTF
  • Accelerated Learning
  • Action Learning
  • Adventure Based Learning
  • Assessments
  • BDA
  • BlessingWhite accredited
  • Broker
  • Business Writing
  • Call Centres
  • Career Guidance
  • Change Management
  • Coaching
  • Communication Skills
  • Competency Based Training
  • Competency Mapping
  • Conference Centre
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Consulting Skills
  • Counselling
  • Creativity
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Culture
  • Customer Service
  • DiSC
  • Driver Education
  • EEO - Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Employee Engagement
  • Entertainer
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environment
  • Facilitator
  • Finance
  • Front Line Management
  • Futurist
  • Graphics
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